Regardless if you’re brand new to the industry of network marketing or you’ve been doing it for years, you can always start your (new) 90 day run. Below find the 4 steps to stay organized and focussed for the next 90 days. It’s helped thousands of people get their business of the ground or to the next level!

Step 1

Begin sprinting right out of the gates. Track your success and create a game plan for your 90 Day Run by using the stat tracking sheet *see below

Step 2

After reviewing your 90 Day Run plan, begin to keep score of your success and accumulated points with our tracking sheets. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE WITH THIS FORM! Refrain from being busy accumulating unnecessary points. Accumulate points that result in INCOME and PRODUCTIVITY in your business.

New U Life does not guarantee or imply any specific earnings or income. Individual income results may vary significantly and are based on many factors, including a distributor’s individual efforts, business experience and skills. New U Life makes no warranty or representation as to the level of SUCCE$$, if any, distributors may achieve by selling any product or in soliciting distributors or retail customers.

Step 3

Get social! Let the world know you are committed to your 90 Day Run by posting your progress/goals online using #ThatNewGel90DayRun. This helps create accountability for your team and yourself.

Step 4

It's Time to Start Running | Your 90 Day Run Plan

This is your 90 Day Run that will change your life. We’re not asking you to run a marathon—just to get in the blocks and come out sprinting. You’ll be surprised how fast you can go with this new way of doing business. The stat tracking sheet will help you do that *see below.

Set Your Goals

The stat tracking sheet breaks down the activities that lead to your SUCCE$$. Set your goals and then keep track of them as you go. The launch of Your 90 Day Run will make your “job” more focused, more efficient and easier than ever!

FOCUS on Exposures and Follow Up

Exposures and Follow Up functions are the engine that will drive you to achieving all your goals, small and large, with New U Life.

What is an exposure? It is a daily interaction you have in day to day life, at work, at church, in your community, etc. Anytime you are engaged in a conversation. And it is just that; as a network marketer you are making social connections all the time. If or when the conversation comes around to New U Life, you now have a great opportunity to offer your potential prospect an easy way to check out, in their own time, what you have to offer. And don’t forget, they “may or may not be interested.”

How Many?

We recommend trying 2 exposures per day. We know 2 exposures are not many, and we know some of you may do more. So, what’s your level? We suggest you target 3 times more than you normally do. Why? Because we think you will find it three times easier than you did before and we’re sure you’ll experience 3 times the results.


OBJECTIVE #1: There is no conversation unless someone starts it!

OBJECTIVE #2: Mention New U Life. Don’t be hasty and don’t be pushy. You are a first-rate network marketer offering to help a potential prospect discover the benefits of New U Life on the web & in person for themselves. So, New U Life should flow naturally into the conversation.

OBJECTIVE #3: Help them to get what they need from New U Life’s site and/or App video’s, PDF’s, etc. After you have made them aware of where the website is you have done your job: let the App and your website do the work for you. But remember, it will help if you can guide them where to look. A customized experience is always preferable.


OBJECTIVE #4: Communicate with them in the way they would prefer. Or, if that makes you feel uncomfortable at least communicate with them in a way that makes you comfortable, because you owe it to them to follow up and make sure that everything is OK. Or, in the unlikely event that they are unwilling to give you their contact information, at least leave them with your business card.


OBJECTIVE #5: Follow up. If you have done this right, they will expect you to follow up. So, use text, phone, social media or e-mail and follow up like the class act that you are. Remember, they “may or may not be interested.” So, you are offering help. Keep following up until you reach a natural conclusion. This is not being pushy; it’s just helping them make the right call. If they decide not to look at New U Life, you are always there if they change their mind. You will not be rejected. If your website could not persuade them, that is not your fault. And if you handle yourself well, they may well be back. The evidence is that it takes several visits to a website before the purchase decision is made.

How to succeed in business

  1. Create the goals that will motivate you day and night.
  2. Share your goals with your family and help them see the big picture of what you’re after, and why it will be good for them, too.
  3. Get out a calendar and plan the next three months. Put in the big stuff first (Rank goals, Attending Meetings, etc.). Then start adding the other activities (Online Meetings, Home Meetings, One on One’s, etc.). Block out time for your business so that it is protected and maximized.
  4. Choose an accountability partner on your team. This should be someone who will push and uplift you and hold you accountable to your goals. You will reciprocate for them.
  5. Set your goals for everything on this tracking sheet. These are the step-by-step goals that will get you to your bigger goals.
  6. Read, listen to, or watch something motivational every day.
  7. Celebrate every SUCCE$$ along the way. Every SUCCE$$. Even the little stuff.

A final word

SUCCE$$ is rooted in habits. The activities that you consistently perform for the next 90 days will become habits. You are, in other words, now programming yourself for lasting SUCCE$$. SUCCE$$ is not found in convenience. You will be tempted, perhaps, to skip a day’s goals. That’s OK. The desire to achieve your goals, paired with the power of these new tools, will empower you to overcome all obstacles and enjoy the journey as you go. We are excited for you and look forward to seeing how this 90 Day Run will change your life!


# of New Enrollments (Personal):_______________

# of New Customers (Personal): ________________

# of New Promotors (Personal):_________________

Rank Achievement (Personal):___________________

Click the Tracking Sheet below to download your Tracking Sheet PDF